About Fiona

Fiona of Fail, aka Champion of Alcatia has been described by bards as the most formidable warrior the world has ever seen. In Alcatian ballads. Fiona is often described as an invincible giant scantily clad red haired barbarian who could defeat entire armies single handedly. Accounts from other nations paint Fiona as a blood thirsty giant, who delighted in killing, maiming and torturing mortal men both on the battlefield and off.

The real Fiona, while physically exceptional and perhaps even supernatural, was a simple peasant girl whose prowess in battle swept her into the world stage.  Fiona tells her own story on this blog, dispelling some myths and untruths, although some critics believe her own account may not be entirely historically accurate.
  As her scribe, I have generally accepted Fiona's account of her life, but offer my own brief description of the woman as she appeared when this account was written.

Despite what she says is her actual age, Fiona's appearance is that of a woman no older than thirty or so years, with long copper colored hair and green eyes.  Although she stands nearly seven feet tall, Fiona moves with remarkable grace.  Much exaggeration has been written about Fiona's musculature as well as her oversized feminine attributes, but the reality is still fairly fantastic. Her musculature is indeed substantial, but, not completely disproportionate to the rest of her.  Fiona has the body of a warrior, albeit a warrior with an exaggeratedly feminine shape.  With her permission, for those who feel the need to know such things, her armorer reports that while resting, her bust measures some 52" around, her waist is 38", and her hips are about 46".

Contrary to the accounts of some Kargellian ballads describing her hideous scars and distorted features, and equally misleading accounts of her unearthly beauty from Alcatian sources,  Fiona is striking, if not a classical delicate beauty, and I've seen no blemishes on her to speak of, although she assures me that her remarkable healing abilities have not left her without some scarring.  She seems just healthy, perhaps overly so even for a woman decades younger than she is.

It's hard to describe the impression she makes, even relatively modestly dressed, but there is a physicality about her that is at times overwhelming, even when doing something as simple as reaching for a glass of wine.  I never knew Fiona as a young woman, but she speaks well, perhaps exceptionally well considering her birth and occupation, with only a slight Northern accent.

Certainly, there is little normal about Fiona, but describing her as a goddess is not quite accurate, because the woman who sits across from me telling her story is very much a living breathing human and not some mythical being cast from stone.  There's an iciness about her, to be sure, but there's also a great deal of fire and earth as well.

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