About the Author

While there is a fictional "scribe" working with Fiona to put together her narrative, you may wish to know a little something about the real world author behind this blog.

She's a closet wannabe actress, roleplayer and fiction writer who has chosen to express her ideas by means of fictional blogs. She has a full time job and a family, neither of which lend themselves to writing this sort of racy and silly stuff other than through pen-names. While she'd love to correspond and welcomes comments suggestions and criticism, she'd very much appreciate it if you respect her anonymity.

Her first blog, The Adventures of Superdaph , was created in 2005 and grew out of an online roleplaying game hosted on yahoo groups. Although she "lost her muse" for writing for that character, she fondly remembers the fun she had trying to get inside the head of an uberpowerful young teenaged girl with issues and interacting with her readers.

Ten years later, she's decided to try it again, only this time in a slightly more mature (or at least less teenage angsty) way by presenting Fiona's autobiography.